Make a Healthier Lifestyle a Goal

One of the reasons we love helping patients at The Bariatric Clinic is because we want to help as many people as possible succeed in their goal of having a healthier lifestyle. Having been there, I can often assist in figuring out what to do when motivation wavers or life’s stresses make it challenging to modify the habits that prevent success, in choosing an approach to staying on track or getting back on track, reconnecting with the desire, motivation and commitment to oneself.

For instance, one helpful tool is writing down
- why YOU want to lose weight
- what goal(s) want to achieve (always mindful that goals can be adjusted along the way)

Whether you write a quick list of bullet points or write an essay to yourself, having this available to look at that when you are feeling less motivated is truly helpful.

Another tool is finding a buddy on your path to weight loss and health maintenance. Whether you recruit a friend, a group of co-workers or family members, having support is invaluable.

I also find that INFORMATION IS POWER and power can fuel motivation and commitment. The purpose of our blogs is to supply information that will hopefully fuel your motivation and commitment to better health and well-being. So check-in regularly for the latest update or sign up below for more great inspiration and tips.

Posted on 8/12/2019 by The Bariatric Clinic