Healthy Portions

Increased portion sizes can contribute to
overeating and unwanted weight gain.

It’s mind over matter when considering what a healthy portion should be. Sometimes making healthier choices isn’t about what you eat but how you eat. During your medical weight-loss program, you may find it helpful to think about the ways that you can cut down on the foods you are eating in addition to making a few healthy food swaps. 

What is the Right Portion?

Healthy eating choices make a huge difference in your daily calorie intake. Portion size plays a huge role in calorie intake.

One simple strategy to improve your eating habits is to become more aware of the amount of food that you are eating daily. If you eat too much of an item, it directly effects how many calories you are taking in. Do this every meal of the day and you may end up taking in a few extra hundred (or even more) calories every day! 

To adjust your portion sizes there are several simple tricks you can try: 

  • Adjust your plate or cup size by using smaller dinnerware. Switching to a smaller plate will naturally reduce how much food you eat in one serving, as well. 
  • Only eat a half portion when dining out. A bonus is you have a meal ready the next day if you take half of your meal home. Some restaurants may let you order off the children’s menu too, but beware that they are often “comfort” foods so make good choices.
  • Don’t eat straight from the container. Be aware of recommended serving sizes by making it a habit to read the container your food comes in. If you can, always put your portion on a serving plate so you know how much you are eating, and it often makes you more satisfied (mind over matter).

You may also become surprised by how often you are eating more than you intend to by simply not being aware of the recommended serving.  Unwanted weight gain could start from portion sizes.

Have a long look at the sizes of the portions you are having at every snack and meal. Being more aware of the healthy portion size can make a big difference in your ability to reach your weight loss goals!

Posted on 2/17/2021 by The Bariatric Clinic